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 European Documentation Centre

The European Documentation Centre (EDC) is a depository for official publications of the European Communities.
Since April 2005 the EDC is situated in the Library of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). It constitutes a part of the Reference Centre.
The EDC gathers and provides access to documents published by the EU Publication Office in Luxembourg, by other European Institutions and by Polish governmental or nongovernmental organisations.
The EDC Collection contains: legislative acts, books, periodicals, brochures, maps and other documents; in paper version or on CD-Roms. The holdings are mainly in Polish and English.

The EDC documents are arranged by subject classification of the European Communities:
  1.  Institutional questions
  2.  Customs union and commercial policy
  3.  Agriculture, silviculture and fisheries
  4.  Employement and labour
  5.  Social questions
  6.  Laws and procedures
  7.  Transport
  8.  Competition and undertakings
  9.  Finance
  10.  Economic questions – Consumer
  11.  External relations
  12.  Energy
  13.  Regional policy
  14.  Environment
  15.  Scientific and technical research
  16.  Information, education and culture
  17.  Statistics

The EDC Collection is integrated within the SGH Electronic Catalogue ALEPH, available on-line. Its documents are separately identifiable by the call number begining with “CDE”.
The EDC provides open access to its holdings to students, SGH research workers, public administration employees, and every interested users. The Collection is available exclusively on site on the premises of the EDC, and no borrowings are allowed.

The Legislative Acts’ Collection contains:

    Official Journal of the European Union – series L and C since 1990, series S since 1997
    Reports of Cases before the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance
    The Special Issue 2004 of the Official Journal of the European Union (in Polish)

Since 2004 the legislative acts are published also in Polish.
Purposes of the EDC:
  • gathering, processing and providing access to holdings related to the EU issues and integration process in Europe
  • providing support to search for materials
  • informing of the available information resources

The Polish version of the EDC website is followed by the list of useful links to EU Institutions, Polish Institutions and other European or World organisations.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 8.30 - 20.00
Saturday: 10.00 - 18.00
Sunday: 10.00 - 15.00

European Documentation Centre
Library Warsaw School of Economics
22B Rakowiecka St., groundfloor room 10
02-521 Warsaw
Tel./Fax.: 22 564 97 39
EDC Chef: Ms Grażyna Wojtkowska – Łodej, Professor
Reference Centre Chef: Ms Barbara Główka, M.A.