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 General reading room

General Reading Room
PL: Czytelnia Ogólna
The SGH Library, as a public library, grants free access on site to its collections for every interested user. In the General Reading Room there are 210 places ready to disposal of patrons 7 days a week.

Open Access Collection
PL: Księgozbiór Czytelni

In the General Reading Room you have free access to:

  • set of monographs and textbooks recommended by the SGH Academic Staff,
  • SGH Printing House publications, public and private economic schools and universities publications,
  • dictionaries, encyclopedias,
  • statistical yearbooks,
  • atlases, guidebooks, etc.

The Open Access Collection in the General Reading Room is ordered in accordance with the Library of Congress Subject Headings, correlated with the Cutter’s sorting rules. The call number is long and composed. It begins with the symbol of the specific discipline, indicating simultaneously the appropriate bookcase, where you may find the needed book. Rules of Cutter’s Classification determines the exact place of the item on the shelf.


Main Collection
PL: Księgozbiór Głowny

The Main Collection is located in the store rooms and it is not directly accessible. The items from this Collection are available on site in the General Reading Room after the submission of the library order slip with the call number of the demanded item. You will easily recognise the right call number of the item, as it is short and simple, besides the Aleph Catalogue indicates ‘Księgozbiór Główny’ as the item’s location.

In case of any problems you may consult this short guide or ask the librarian on duty.