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 List of foreign periodicals


List of foreign periodicals subscribed in 2011
(some with on-line access)



on-line access to the current issue by:

A ^
​Academy of Management Journal EBSCOhost ​IP ​0001-4273
​Accountancy EBSCOhost ​IP ​0001-4664
​Accounting Organizations and Society ScienceDirect ​IP ​0361-3682
​Accounting Horizons ​EBSCOhost ​IP ​0888-7993
​Accounting Review EBSCOhost ​IP ​0001-4826
​Agricultural Economics Wiley Online Library ​IP ​0169-5150
​Alternatives SAGE Journals Online ​IP ​0304-3754
​American Economic Journal: Applied Economics paper edition only ​1945-7782
​American Economic Journal: Economic Policy paper edition only ​1945-7731
​American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics ​paper edition only ​1945-7707
​American Economic Journal: Microeconomics ​paper edition only ​1945-7669
​American Economic Review ​paper edition only ​0002-8282
​American Economist EBSCOhost ​IP ​0569-4345
​American Journal of Economics and Sociology ​EBSCOhost ​IP ​0002-9246
​American Statistician ASA ​IP ​0003-1305
​Annales. Historie, Sciences, Sociales ​paper edition only ​0395-2649
​Annals of Statistics Project Euclid ​IP ​0090-5364
​Applied Economics Informaworld ​IP ​0003-6846
​Applied Economics Letters Informaworld ​IP
​Applied Financial Economics Informaworld ​IP ​0960-3107
​Arbeit und Wirtschaft ​paper edition only ​0003-7656
​Asia - Pacific Development Journal dostęp wolny ​1020-1246
​Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics Emerald ​IP ​1355-5855
​Astin Bulletin ​paper edition only ​0515-0361
​Atlantic Economic Journal SpringerLink ​IP ​0197-4254
​Azija i Afrika Segodnja paper edition only ​0321-5075
B ​ ​^
​Baltic Journal of Management ​Emerald ​IP ​1746-5265
​Banker ProQuest ​IP ​0005-5395
​Betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und Praxis ​paper edition only ​0340-5370
​Biznes i Banki EMIS ​IP ​Ind.50010
​Bloomberg Businessweek EBSCOhost
​British Journal of Industrial Relations ​paper edition only ​0007-1080
​Bulletin for International Taxation ​paper edition only ​1819-5490
​Bulletin of Economic Research EBSCOhost ​IP ​0307-3378
​Business Economics ​EBSCOhost ​IP ​0007-666X
​Business Process Management Journal Emerald ​IP ​1463-7154
​Business Week Global Edition dostęp wolny ​0007-7135
C ​ ​^
​California Management Review EBSCOhost ​IP ​0211-285X
​Cambridge Journal of Economics Oxford Journals ​IP ​0309-166X
​Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society Oxford Journals ​IP ​1752-1378
​Canadian Journal of Economics Wiley Online Library ​IP ​0008-4085
​Cinco Dias dostęp wolny ​brak ​0108-0636
​Common Market Law Review ProQuest ​IP ​0165-0750
​Comparative European Politics ​paper edition only ​0165-0750
​Comparative Political Studies SAGE Journals Online ​IP ​1472-4790
​Compensation and Benefits Review SAGE Journals Online ​IP ​0886-3687
​Contemporary Economic Policy Wiley Online Library ​IP ​1074-3529
​Contributions to Political Economy Oxford Journals ​IP ​0277-5921
​Cost Management ProQuest ​IP ​1092-8057
​Czech Business and Trade EBSCOhost ​IP ​1211-2208
D ​ ​^
​Demográfia ​paper edition only ​0011-8249
​Demography ProQuest ​IP ​0070-3370
​Dengi i Kredit ​paper edition only ​0130-3090
​Developing Economies ​Wiley Online Library ​IP ​0012-1533
​Development Policy Review paper edition only ​0950-6764
​Devisenkursstatistik ​dostęp wolny ​brak ​0943-8793
E ^
​Eastern European Economics ​M.E. Sharpe ​IP ​0921-8009
​Les Echos de Pologne dostęp wolny ​brak ​1730-766X
​Les Echos paper edition only ​0153-4831
​Econometrica Wiley Online Library ​IP ​0012-9682
​The Econometrics Journal ​paper edition only ​1368-4221
​Economic and Industrial Democracy SAGE Journals Online ​IP ​0143-831X
​Economic Development and Cultural Change ​paper edition only ​0013-0079
​Economic Geography Wiley Online Library ​IP ​0013-0095
​Economic History Review ​tpaper edition only ​0013-0117
​Economic Inquiry Wiley Online Library ​IP ​0095-2583
​Economic Journal ​paper edition only ​0013-0133
​Economic Policy paper edition only ​0266-4658
​Economic Policy Review ​EBSCOhost
​Economica ​paper edition only ​0013-0427
​Economics Letters ScienceDirect ​IP ​0165-1765
​Économie Appliquée ​paper edition only ​0013-0494
​Economie et Politique paper edition only ​0424-3218
​Économies et Sociétés ​paper edition only ​0013-0567
​Economie et Statistique ​paper edition only ​0336-1454
​De Economist SpringerLink ​IP ​0013-063X
​The Economist ProQuest;
​Economy and Society Informaworld ​IP ​0308-5147
​Ekonomické Rozhľady ​paper edition only ​0323-262X
​Ekonomika i Matematiceskie Metody ​paper edition only ​0424-7388
​Ekonomika i Organizacija Promyšlennogo Proizvodstva (EKO) paper edition only ​0131-7652
​Ekonomika i Žizn ​paper edition only ​0013-3051
​Ekonomist ​paper edition only ​0869-4672
​Electronic Library Emerald ​IP ​0264-0473
​Empirical Economics SpringerLink ​IP ​0377-7332
​Enterprise Development and Microfinance Ingenta Connect ​IP ​1755-1986
​Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice EBSCOhost ​IP ​0140-9883
​Environmental and Resource Economics SpringerLink ​IP ​0924-6460
​Euromoney & Euromoney Supplements EBSCOhost ​IP ​0014-2433
​European Economic Review ScienceDirect ​IP ​0014-2921
​European Economy & European Economy – Report and Studies, suppl. A., B., C. ​paper edition only ​0379-0991
​European Journal of Development Research paper edition only ​0957-8811
​European Journal of Industrial Relations SAGE Journals Online ​IP ​0959-6801
​European Journal of Marketing Emerald ​IP ​0309-8211
​European Journal of Political Economy ScienceDirect ​IP ​0176-2680
​European Journal of Political Research Wiley Online Library ​IP ​0304-4130
​European Management Journal ScienceDirect ​IP ​0263-2373
​European Policy Analyst ​paper edition only ​1014-3162
​European Taxation ​paper edition only ​0014-3138
​Europe-Asia Studies Informaworld ​IP ​0966-8136
​L'Expansion ​paper edition only ​0014-4703
​Explorations in Economic History ​ScienceDirect ​IP ​0014-4983
F ​ ​^
​Family Relations ​paper edition only ​0197-6664
​Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review wydawca ​dostęp wolny ​0014-9187
​Finance EBSCOhost ​IP ​0752-6180
​Financial Management Wiley Online Library ​IP ​0046-3892
​Financial Times ProQuest ​IP ​0370-1766
​Finansy ​paper edition only ​0869-446X
​Finanzarchiv IngentaConnect ​IP ​0015-2218
​Focus (w jęz. niem.) paper edition only ​0934-7576
​Foreign Affairs EBSCO ​IP ​0015-7120
​Foreign Policy dostęp wolny ​brak ​0015-7228
​Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung OIN/CDE ​hasło ​0174-4909
​Futures ScienceDirect ​IP ​0016-3287
G ​ ​^
​Games and Economic Behavior ​ScienceDirect ​IP ​0899-8256
​Gender in Management ​Emerald ​IP ​1754-2413
​Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance – Theory ​paper edition only ​0926-4957
​Géoéconomie ​paper edition only ​1620-9869
​George Washington International Law Review EBSCOhost
​Growth and Change ​paper edition only ​0017-4815
H ​ ​^
​Handelsblatt OIN/CDE ​hasło ​0017-7296
​Harvard Business Review EBSCOhost ​IP ​0017-8012
​History of Political Economy paper edition only ​0018-2702
​Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics Hermes-IR ​0018-280X
​Humanomics Emerald ​IP ​0828-8666
​Human Resource Management Review ​ScienceDirect ​IP ​1053-4822
I ^
​IMS Bulletin – Institute of Matem. Statistics Bulletin ​paper edition only ​0146-3942
​Industrial Marketing Management ScienceDirect ​IP ​0019-8501
​Industrial Relations paper edition only ​0019-8676
​Industrial Relations Journal ​paper edition only ​0019-8692
​Information Economics and Policy ScienceDirect ​IP ​0167-6245
​Insurance: Mathemetics and Economics ScienceDirect ​IP ​0167-6687
​Intereconomics SpringerLink ​IP ​0020-5346
​International Abstracts in Operations Research paper edition only ​0020-580X
​International Business Review ScienceDirect​ ​IP ​0969-5931
​International Economic Review ​paper edition only ​0020-6598
​International Journal of Bank Marketing Emerald ​IP ​0265-2323
​International Journal of Central Banking (online) dostęp wolny ​brak ​1815-4654
​International Journal of Emerging Markets Emerald ​IP ​1746-8809
​International Journal of Forecasting ScienceDirect ​IP ​0169-2070
​International Journal of General Systems Informaworld ​IP ​0308-1079
​International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance ​Emerald ​IP ​1463-371X
​International Journal of Industrial Organization ScienceDirect ​IP ​0167-7187
​International Journal of Marketing (do 2012: Der Markt) ​paper edition only ​2306-7217
​International Journal of Logistics Management Emerald ​IP ​0957-4903
​International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications Informaworld ​IP ​1367-5567
​International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management Emerald ​IP ​0960-0035
​International Journal of Public- Private Partnerships ​paper edition only ​0952-6862
​International Journal of Research in Marketing ScienceDirect ​IP ​0167-8116
​International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management Emerald ​IP ​0959-0552
​International Journal of Social Economics Emerald ​IP ​0306-8293
​International Journal of Systems Science ​Informaworld ​IP ​0020-7721
​International Journal of the Economics Business Informaworld ​IP ​1357-1516
​International Labour Review ​paper edition only ​0020-7780
​International Migration Review Wiley Online Library ​IP ​0197-9183
​International Politics ​paper edition only ​1384-5748
​International Review of Administrative Sciences SAGE Journals Online ​IP ​0020-8523
​International Review of Law and Economics ScienceDirect ​IP ​0144-8188
​International Review of Social History ​paper edition only ​0020-8590
​International Small Business Journal SAGE Jounals Onlie ​IP ​0266-2426
​International Social Science Journal ​paper edition only ​0020-8701
​International Statistical Review Wiley Online Library ​IP ​0306-7734
​International Studies of Management and Organization MetaPress ​IP ​0020-8825
​Internationale Politik ​paper edition only ​0020-8345
​Internationale Transport Zeitschrift paper edition only ​0020-9341
​Internationales Verkehrswesen paper edition only ​0020-9511
J ​ ​^
​Jahrbuch für Wirtschaftswissenschaften ​ProQuest ​IP ​0948-5139
​Jahrbücher für Nationalokonomie und Statistik ​paper edition only ​0021-4027
​Journal für Betriebswirtschaft SpringerLink ​IP ​0344-9327
​Journal of Accountancy EBSCOhost ​IP ​0021-8448
​Journal of Accounting Research ​paper edition only ​0021-8456
​Journal of Agricultural Economics ​paper edition only ​0021-857X
​Journal of Applied Corporate Finance ​paper edition only ​1078-1196
​Journal of Applied Econometrics ​paper edition only ​0883-7252
​Journal of Banking and Finance ScienceDirect ​IP ​0378-4266
​Journal of Business and Economic Statistics ASA ​IP ​0735-0015
​Journal of Business Research ScienceDirect ​IP ​0148-2963
​Journal of Comparative Economics ScienceDirect ​IP ​0147-5967
​Journal of Comparative Family Studies EBSCOhost ​IP ​0047-2328
​Journal of Consumer Research paper edition only ​0093-5301
​Journal of Development Economics ScienceDirect ​IP ​0304-3878
​Journal of Development Studies ​Informaworld ​IP ​0022-0388
​Journal of East-West Business Informaworld ​IP ​1066-9868
​Journal of Econometrics ScienceDirect IP​ ​0304-4076
​Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization ScienceDirect ​IP ​0167-2681
​Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control ScienceDirect ​IP ​0165-1889
​Journal of Economic Education EBSCOhost ​IP ​0022-0485
​Journal of Economic History ​paper edition only ​0022-0507
​Journal of Economic Issues M.E. Sharpe ​IP ​0021-3624
​Journal of Economic Literature paper edition only ​0022-0515
​Journal of Economic Perspectives ​paper edition only ​0895-3309
​Journal of Economic Studies ​Emerald ​IP ​0144-3585
​Journal of Economic Theory ​ScienceDirect ​IP ​0022-0531
​Journal of Economics SpringerLink ​IP ​0931-8658
​Journal of Economics and Business ScienceDirect ​IP ​0148-6195
​Journal of Empirical Finance ScienceDirect ​IP ​0927-5398
​Journal of Environmental Economics and Management ScienceDirect ​IP ​0095-0696
​Journal of Evolutionary Economics SpringerLink ​IP ​0936-9937
​Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences ​paper edition only ​0022-1570
​Journal of Finance ​paper edition only ​0022-1082
​Journal of Financial Economics ScienceDirect ​IP ​0304-405X
​Journal of Industrial Economics ​paper edition only ​0022-1821
​Journal of Industrial Relations SAGE Journals Online ​IP ​0022-1856
​Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics. JITE ​paper edition only ​0932-4569
​Journal of International Business Studies ​paper edition only ​0047-2506
​Journal of International Economics ScienceDirect ​IP ​0022-1996
​Journal of International Money and Finance ScienceDirect ​IP ​0261-5606
​Journal of Labor Economics ​paper edition only ​0734-306X
​Journal of Law and Economics ​paper edition only ​0022-2186
​Journal of Macroeconomics ​ScienceDirect ​IP ​0164-0704
​Journal of Management Development Emerald ​IP ​0262-1711
​Journal of Management Education SAGE Journals Online ​IP ​1052-5629
​Journal of Management Studies ​paper edition only ​0022-2380
​Journal of Marketing EBSCOhost ​IP ​0022-2429
​Journal of Marketing Management Informaworld ​IP ​0267-257X
​Journal of Marketing Research EBSCOhost ​IP ​0022-2437
​Journal of Marriage and the Family ​paper edition only ​0022-2445
​Journal of Mathematical Economics ScienceDirect ​IP ​0304-4068
​Journal of Monetary Economics ScienceDirect ​IP ​0304-3932
​Journal of Money, Credit and Banking Wiley Online Library ​IP ​0022-2879
​Journal of Operations Management ScienceDirect ​IP ​0272-6963
​Journal of Planning and Environment Law ​paper edition only ​0307-4870
​Journal of Political Economy ​paper edition only ​0022-3808
​Journal of Policy Science ​paper edition only ​1881-6703
​Journal of Post Keynesian Economics M.E. Sharpe ​IP ​0160-3477
​Journal of Public Economics ScienceDirect ​IP ​0017-2727
​Journal of Risk and Uncertainty SpringerLink ​IP ​0895-5646
​Journal of Services Marketing Emerald ​IP ​0887-6045
​Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development Emerald ​IP ​1462-6004
​Journal of Social Issues ​paper edition only ​0022-4537
​Journal of Structured Finance ​paper edition only ​1082-3220
​Journal of the American Planning Association Informaworld ​IP ​0194-4363
​Journal of the American Statistical Association ASA ​IP ​0162-1459
​Journal of the European Higher Education Area ​paper edition only ​2192-0109
​Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A: Statistic in Society ​paper edition only ​0964-1998
​Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series B: Statistical Metodology ​paper edition only ​1369-7412
​Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series C: Applied Statistics ​tpaper edition only ​0035-9254
​Journal of Transport Geography ScienceDirect ​IP ​0966-6923
​Journal of World Business ScienceDirect ​IP ​1090-9516
​Journal of World Trade ​ProQuest ​IP ​1011-6702
K ^
​KEIO Economics Studies ​paper edition only ​0022-9709
​Kommersant' Den’gi ​EMIS-Russia ​IP ​Ind.73100
​Kommersant' Vlast’ EMIS-Russia ​IP ​Ind.71900
L ​ ​^
​Land Economics EBSCOhost
Univ. Wisconsin Press
​IP ​0023-7639
​Library Review Emerald ​IP ​0024-2535
​Logistik Heute ​paper edition only ​0173-6213
​Long Range Planning ScienceDirect ​IP ​0024-6301
M ​ ​^
​Management Decision Emerald ​IP ​0025-1747
​Management International Review SpringerLink ​IP ​0938-8249
​Management Science ​Informs Online ​IP ​0025-1909
​Managerial and Decision Economics. MDE paper edition only ​0143-6570
​Manufacturing & Service Operations Management. M&ASOM Informs Online ​IP ​1523-4614
​Marketing Management EBSCOhost ​IP ​1061-3846
​Metrika SpringerLink ​IP ​0026-1335
​Mirovaâ Ekonomika i Meždunarodnye Otnošeniâ paper edition only ​0131-2227
​Le Monde OIN/CDE ​hasło ​0395-2037
N ​ ​^
​Nations and Nationalism ​paper edition only ​1354-5078
​National Geographic Magazine paper edition only ​0027-9358
​National Institute Economic Review SAGE Journals Online ​IP ​0027-9501
​New Technology Work and Employment ​paper edition only ​0268-1072
​Novoe Vremâ dostęp wolny ​brak ​0137-0723
O ​ ​^
​OECD Economic Outlook (eng.) OECD iLibrary;
​IP ​0474-5574
​OECD Journal: Economic Studies OECD iLibrary;
​IP ​0255-0822
​OECD Main Economic Indicators/Principaux Indicateurs Economique OECD iLibrary;
​IP ​0474-5523
​Operations Research ​Informs Online ​IP ​0030-364X
​ORDO ​paper edition only ​0048-2129
​Osteuropa ​paper edition only ​0030-6428
​Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics ​paper edition only ​0030-6460
​Oxford Economic Papers Oxford Journals ​IP ​0030-7653
​Oxford Review of Economic Policy Oxford Journals ​IP ​0266-903X
P ​ ​^
​Perspectives : Central European Review of International Affairs EBSCOhost ​IP ​1210-762X
​Policy Studies ​Informaworld ​IP ​0144-2872
​Political Science Quarterly IngentaConnect ​IP ​0032-3195
​Political Studies Wiley Online Library ​IP ​0032-3217
​Population EBSCOhost ​IP ​0032-4663
​Population et Sociétés EBSCOhost ​IP ​0184-7783
​Population Research and Policy Review ​SpringerLink ​IP ​0167-5923
​Population Studies Informaworld ​IP ​0032-4728
​Post-Communist Economies ​Informaworld ​IP ​1463-1377
​Presse und Sprache paper edition only ​0935-8064
​Property Management Emerald ​IP ​0263-7472
​Public Money and Management Informaworld ​IP ​0954-0962
Q ^
​Quarterly Journal of Economics Oxford Journals ​IP ​0033-5533
​Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting ProQuest ​IP ​1939-8123
​Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance ScienceDirect ​IP ​1062-9769
R ^
​Recherche Sociale ​paper edition only ​0034-124X
​RECMA. Revue Internationale de l'Economie Sociale ​paper edition only ​0035-2020
​Region: Ekonomika i Sociologija ​paper edition only ​0868-5169
​Regional Science and Urban Economics ScienceDirect ​IP ​0166-0462
​Regional Studies ​Informaworld ​IP ​0034-3404
​Research Policy ScienceDirect ​IP ​0048-7333
​Review of Black Political Economy SpringerLink ​IP ​0034-6446
​Review of Economic Design SpringerLink ​IP ​1434-4742
​Review of Economic Studies ​paper edition only ​IP ​0034-6527
​Review of Economics and Statistics MIT Press Journals ​IP ​0034-6535
​Review of Financial Economics ScienceDirect ​IP ​1058-3300
​Review of Income and Wealth ​paper edition only ​0034-6586
​Review of Radical Political Economics SAGE Journals Online ​IP ​0486-6134
​Review of Social Economy Informaworld ​IP ​0034-6764
​Review of World Economics SpringerLink ​IP ​0043-2636
​Revue d'Etudes Cooperatives Est-Quest ​paper edition only ​0338-0599
Revue du Marché Commun et de l’Union Européenne​ OIN/CDE ​hasło ​0035-2616
​Revue Economique ​paper edition only ​0035-2764
​Revue Economique et Sociale ​paper edition only ​0035-2772
​Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Commercial et de Droit Économique ​paper edition only ​0244-9358
​Risk Analysis ​paper edition only ​0272-4332
​Rossijskij Ekonomičeskij Žurnal paper edition only ​0130-9757
S ​ ​^
​Schmalenbach Business Review ​EBSCOhost ​IP ​1439-2917
​Schmollers Jahrbuch ​paper edition only ​1439-121X
​Small Business Economics SpringerLink ​IP ​0921-898X
​Social Forces EBSCOhost ​IP ​0037-7732
​Social Research dostęp wolny ​brak ​0037-783X
​Social Science Quarterly Wiley Online Library ​IP ​0038-4941
​Social Theory and Practice EBSCOhost ​IP ​0037-802X
​Soziale Welt ​paper edition only ​0038-6073
​Spatial Economic Analysis Informaworld ​IP ​1742-1772
​Der Spiegel ​paper edition only ​0038-7452
​Statistical Journal of the IAOS ​paper edition only ​0167-8000
​Statistical Science JSTOR
​IP ​0883-4237
​Steuer und Wirtschaft ​paper edition only ​0341-2954
​Strategic Management Journal Wiley Online Library ​IP ​0143-2095
​Structural Change and Economic Dynamics ScienceDirect ​IP ​0954-349X
​Survey of Current Business BEA ​IP ​0039-6222
​Synthese SpringerLink ​IP ​0039-7857
T ^​​
​Teaching Business and Economics ​ProQuest ​IP ​1367-3289
​Theory and Decision SpringerLink ​IP ​0040-5833
​Theory and Society SpringerLink ​IP ​0304-2421
​Time free access ​none ​0040-781X
​Tourism Management ScienceDirect ​IP ​0261-5177
​TQM Journal Emerald ​IP ​1754-2731
​Transportation ​SpringerLink ​0049-4488
U ^
​Die Unternehmung ​paper edition only ​0042-059X
V ^​​
​Die Vervaltung ​paper edition only ​0042-4498
​Voprosy Ekonomiki paper edition only ​0042-8736
​Voprosy Statistiki paper edition only ​0320-8168
W ^​​
​Wall Street Journal Europe free access ​none ​0921-9986
​West European Politics Informaworld ​IP ​0140-2382
​Wirtschaft und Recht in Osteuropa paper edition only ​0941-6293
​Wirtschaft und Statistik ​paper edition only ​0043-6143
​Wirtschaftswoche ​paper edition only ​0042-8582
​World Bank Economic Review ​paper edition only ​0258-6770
​World Bank Research Observer ​paper edition only ​0257-3032
​World Economic Outlook ​paper edition only ​0256-6877
​World Economy paper edition only ​0378-5920
​World Politics ​paper edition only ​0043-8871
Y ^
​Young Consumers. Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers Emerald ​IP ​1747-3616
Z ^
​Zeitschrift Führung und Organization EBSCOhost ​IP ​0722-7485
​Zeitschrift für Arbeitswissenschaft ​paper edition only ​0340-2444
​Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft SpringerLink ​IP ​0044-2372
​Zeitschrift für das Gesamte Handelsrecht und Wirtschaftsrecht ​paper edition only ​0044-2437
​Zeitschrift für das Gesamte Kreditwesen ​paper edition only ​0341-4019
​Zeitschrift für Kommunalfinanzen ​paper edition only ​0863-2499
​Zeitschrift für Unternehmens- und Gesellschaftsrecht ​paper edition only ​0340-2479
​Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte ​paper edition only ​0342-2852
​Zeitschrift für Verkehrsrecht ​paper edition only ​0044-3662
​Zeitschrift für Verkehrswissenschaft paper edition only ​0044-3670