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  1. Why some items cannot be renewed online ?
    The prolongation is impossible to achieve:  if there is reservation for the item made by another user, if the item has been already renewed twice, or if there are some liabilities or unpaid fines towards the SGH Library registered on your account. 

  2. May I borrow a book even if I forgot my student ID ?
    No.  Borrowings  are possible exclusively  with the valid student ID or the current SGH Library Card, issued by the Students’ Lending Library.

  3. May I pass my SGH Library Card to a friend  so that he/she could  borrow books in my name ?
    No. The SGH Library Card, the electronic student ID or the electronic staff  ID must not be transferred to anyone.

  4. If I return the book that is overdue but without paying the fine immediately, will my penalty still grow ?
    No. The Library’s system  ALEPH  will stop to debit your account with charge for the overdue book, nevertheless your account will remain blocked until all the liabilities towards the SGH Library are met.

  5. May I expect the amnesty on penalties in the SGH Library soon ?
    No. There is no hope for the amnesty.  The SGH Library does not redeem the fines for the overdue books.

  6. I have lost books from the Students’ Lending Library. What can I do ?
    In case of loss or damage to the SGH Library item the user is obliged to purchase a copy of identical or newer issue; or to replace the item, in agreement with the Students’ Lending  Library, by a book on the similar subject; eventually to cover the costs of the lost book, estimated in the manner specified by the Library Director, at least in the amount of double market value of the item. Additionally, if the lost book is overdue, the user must pay the fine.

  7. I do not always receive  e-mails announcing the due date for the items on loan. Why ?
    If you do not receive e-mails from the Library’s system ALEPH, please check if your e-mail address is correct, and if  the server does not treat  messages from the SGH Library as spam. Nevertheless, remember that according to the Library Rules (§ 12) the SGH Library has no obligation to send any notification of the impending date of return of books, or of the amount of fines charged in respect of overdue books. The users are required to check and control the status of their library account in the SGH Library’s system ALEPH by themselves. In the ALEPH System the users have the possibility to monitor their library activities thanks to the My Library Account function that indicates the updated information on loans, due dates, fines for the overdue books, transactions, and others.

  8. Shall I pay the fine for the overdue book even if I have not received any e-mail alert from the SGH Library ?
    Yes.  You are obliged to pay the fine even  without an e-mail alert from the SGH Library. You should monitor the status of your library account in the SGH Library’s system ALEPH by yourself.

  9. I have lost my student ID. May I still borrow books from the Student’ Lending Library ?
    No. You cannot borrow books and you should inform the SGH Library  immediately after your loss. Otherwise, in the event of failure to notify the card is lost, you shall bear all the consequences arising from the use of your  card by third parties. You will be able to use the Students’ Library again only if you present a duplicate of your student ID and reactivate your account. 

  10. Is it possible to return the books by post ?
    Yes, of course.